Diamond DNA's Message

We focus on wellness by aligning the mind, body and soul through intentional self care and high vibrational energy;.
"from soul to skin" NFT's

What does that mean...
We look forward to informing and inspiring people about the importance of self care in order to elevate the human experience. By (re)aligning the physical, mental and spiritual components of one's self, overall quality of life improves.
The products we have coming, support this improvement by supporting the activities of self care such as fitness and skincare routines.
The NFT's we create are to inspire wellness, imagination, motivation and stillness, aspects of the mind, body and soul. 

About the Founder

 Christina Ledo has been a certified personal trainer for more than 10 years, which has allowed her to discover the balance between physical, mental and spiritual health and how symbiotic they are. She is a former bikini bodybuilding champion, New York State Alpine Ski Champion and group fitness instructor for 13 years. She has trained professional athletes in the NFL, NBA as well as other celebrity actors and some of Wall Street's biggest moguls.

Currently, she teaches Trampoline Trim, a fitness class that utilizes individual trampolines to burn fat, build muscle and bring clarity to the mental aspect of self care. She is a self published author of an ebook titled, "13 Ways to Evolve as a Human," which is available on Amazon. She also contributes regularly to health and wellness publications such as Thrive Global, Dekad Lifestyle, Huffington Post and more.

In the beauty realm, she has developed her own skincare elixirs for years and is excited to be sharing her secrets with the world in the near future. Her skincare product will be the first to transform the industry into intentional self care. The most important aspects of her training and daily self care routines are gratitude and intention. With these she says, comes alignment, and this propels thriving states of wellness.



mind, body & soul elevation