My coaching offers physical training, (flexibility, strength, weight-loss and nutrition and supplementation).

We are physical beings as much as we are spiritual. Sometimes, because we are on the go in this fight or flight society, we are totally unaware of the signs our bodies are giving us to slow down or move differently. How we treat ourselves, what goes in our digestive system, how our muscles are used and the frequency of movement have extreme short and long term effects.

I have been training for a decade plus, using a variety of modalities such as HIIT, Boxing, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, and I have learned what works and what doesn't work but since we are all different, I have studied the body's different systems, hormonal responses and vitamin and nutrient requirements and deficiencies. The physical aspect of Diamond DNA doesn't just mean your aesthetic body but includes the science and intuition.

Also, your gut is your second brain. When you feel your gut instinct telling you something, that's your second brain trying to speak to your first brain. When your gut is out of wack, your intuition is too. It's usually a sign of imbalance. When there is stress on the body, the consequences can and usually will, show up as a physical symptom. 

Exercise, recovery and nutrition compose your fitness levels so how you eat, manage stress and how you train or move all play a role. Do not underestimate this.
Sleep isn't for suckers, being skinny doesn't make you fit. Operating at optimum capacity is fit. Your body is a vessel.