Coaching offers physical training, (flexibility, strength, weight-loss and nutrition and supplementation).

We are physical beings as much as we are spiritual. Sometimes, because we are on the go in this stress inducing society, we are totally unaware of the signs our bodies are giving us to slow down or move differently. It matters how we treat our bodies; what we put into them and how we use them, because it has long and short term effects. 

Also, your digestive system is considered by scientists to be your second brain. When you feel your gut instinct telling you something, that's your second brain trying to speak to your primary brain. When your gut is out of wack, your intuition is too. It's a sign of imbalance. When there is stress on the body, the consequences can and usually will, show up as a physical symptom. 

Exercise, recovery and nutrition compose your body aspect of Diamond DNA coaching. Your lifestyle patterns of how you eat, drink, exercise and manage stress physically, will dictate your spiritual journey.

Your body is a vessel.

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