Your mind can heal your body and your heart.

One of the main purposes of meditation is to slow down your brain waves and move beyond the analytical mind, be still and let go of emotion.

Whether you are seeking abundance, love, healing, or a new career, when you learn how to truly find the present moment, create order in your brain, and change your emotional state to create coherence in your heart, you tap into a hidden inner resource that makes everything possible.

The longer you live in gratitude, the more new you attract. 

When we get frustrated, angry, stressed, it's harder to be in a state of gratitude.

Most of those emotions ^^^ are reactionary and can actually be controlled. We've been told that they're normal emotions but normal emotions are happy. We have the power to change our reactions. It takes practice and unlearning what society, the world, news and family have taught us. It isn't to say they're bad but our own friends and family can be unaware of their normalization of these emotions.

Best said by Joe Dispenza,  "If you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny, and you can't think greater than how you feel, or feelings have become the means of thinking, then by the very definition of emotions, you're thinking in the past, and for the most part, you're going to keep creating the same life.

Every morning most people get out of bed on the same side of the bed, they go to the toilet, they get a cup of coffee, take a shower, get dressed, drive to work the same way, do the same things, and see the same people who push the same emotional buttons. That becomes their routine, and it becomes like a program. This is how people lose their free will to a program, and there's no unseen hand doing it to them..."

Your brain interprets the two tones as a beat of its own. The two tones align with your brain waves to produce a beat with a different frequency. This frequency is the difference in hertz (Hz) between the frequencies of the two tones.


For example, if you are listening to a 440 Hz tone with your left ear and a 444 Hz tone with your right ear, you would be hearing a 4 Hz tone.

When you listen to binaural beats, your brain activity matches the frequency set by the frequency of the beat. This is called the frequency-following effect. This means you can use binaural beats to entrain your mind to reach a certain mental state.

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