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Let Go to Go Forward

I know almost everyone has been in this position:

Had a relationship, job, home, or owned something that made you tired, annoyed, negative, weak, toxic...

You were so used to it, that you held on to it way too long. You stayed there when you mentally checked out. You didn't break up with that person because it was what you knew and you didn't know anything else.

Change is growth. Grow my dear. Let go to go forward. Stagnant is not a place to be. It will always and forever be a constant physical, emotional and mental state. Stagnancy and complacency are things for the weak, things we do because we are afraid of change and the unknown. But it is within the unknown, that great success and growth are born.

I know you're scared. You may not even realize it. Or you may say, "I'm fearless." Well then you are accustomed and that too, is no good. You say you're neither? Well are you happy? Are you happy with something that you can control. Are you getting what you deserve? Ask yourself to get a better idea.

Dive into the unknown. Explore the unfamiliar. Go for what you deserve. Let go of him/her, that job, that old necklace or move out of that apartment. Start the process of letting go

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