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"Cheap flights to Cuba"- a common google search now amongst all Americans. People are traveling to this beautiful island to enjoy the new upgraded tourism of Havana. However, on November 26th, it was more than just tourists enjoying the land. The Cuban people celebrate still as Castro has passed and although his presence is no longer, his regime is now questioned under his brother Raul.

With this great big worldly news of such a leader dying, so many mixed opinions arise. People bang on pots and pans in Little Havana, Miami in applause for end to such dictatorship. Yet, some of the masses in Cuba honor Fidel and his influence over the country.

This post shall not expose all of my opinion on the matter but rather have you, (whether being Cuban, Latino or any other race, American or non), realize that with great influences, good or bad, come a variety of opinions. This directly applies to our nation as Trump takes hold of the reigns. I personally fear what our nation has become or where it is going, but some will be on board and some won't.

There is a fine line between a powerful leader and abuse of power. This is a pattern throughout history. Think about all the well known leaders, I mean famous, notorious not just good or bad. Castro changed the country and improved aspects but for those who fled, they will continue to bang their pots and pans.

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