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2 Tips to Guaranteed Happiness

This is to inspire you to not give up or settle for anything less than you wish to accomplish.

Do what makes you happy. Got a goal, dream, vision?

If you feel like telling someone you like them, do it

If you want a job, update that resume, kill that interview

If you want to run a race, train

If you want to lose weight, focus on that end goal and put the chips down

If you want a new car, plant the savings plan

If you want your college degree, start looking at that financial aid


We, especially in the first world country of America, tend to work so much, get into a cyclical routine and lose sight of what makes us smile or laugh or just feel good. We use drugs and drink to escape our daily lives, which is fine but it is not the only thing that makes us "high" if you will. Dance, sing, run, write, draw, design, lift, ball, play an instrument; I know just like myself, you have a release. Something that makes you feel almost invincible, alive, renewed and stress free. My suggestion to you is try to pin it down and occasionally do it. It may help you reach your goal.


Another idea for you to check out is a Vision Board. Load up your favorite pictures, words, editorial pieces or artwork onto one platform such as a poster or cork board. Add to it, edit it as much as need be to help you visualize your dreams and ultimate goals. Some of the most successful and happiest people throughout history have done this and accomplished what they sought out to do.

Here's a link to get more clarity on the concept of a Vision Board

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