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Holiday Taste Without Weight

'Tis the season to gain weight, unbutton your pants, loosen that belt, wear that big sweater! However, with so many resources and new discoveries for flour and sugar substitutes, you don't have to avoid the cookies around the holidays!

There are plenty of recipes out there and options that leave you satisfied and guilt free yet make you feel like you've dived into a decadent chocolate cake.

My favorite sweetener substitutes for sugar are

  1. Stevia (liquid or packets)

  2. Xylitol

  3. Agave or honey

  4. Sugar free maple syrup

  5. Coconut oil or coconut sugar

Try to avoid sweeteners like Sweet n low and Splenda because of their Aspartame contents.

My favorite flour substitutes are

  1. Protein powder of any kind

  2. Coconut flour

  3. Almond flour

  4. Spelt

  5. Gluten free flours

Side note: not all wheat free flours or products mean gluten free Read!!!!

Trust me when I say, healthy recipes do not have to sacrifice taste at ALL!

Below I share with you some of my favorite guilty low carb, protein packed treats from one of my favorite all time recipe creators and nutrition gurus

For the Holidays:

Appetizer- Pumpkin Seed Protein Bread (Low Carb & Gluten Free)

Main Course- Super Low Carb & Gluten Free Breaded Chicken

Side Dish- Turkey Stuffing (Paleo)

Dessert- Low Carb Brownies with a Vanilla & Coffee Protein Sauce

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