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Perfection or Plastic

I cannot back up most of what I'm about to say with much medical data because I don't believe I have done enough research but my opinion on the matter is very strong.

Any form of plastic surgery, nose jobs, implants, butt injections; it's more common than dying hair now a days. Look good, feel good-that's my motto. However, at what cost are you willing to "feel good" or turn a head? I'm aware half the people who may read this might have had liposuction or breast augmentation and let me tell you I am not knockin' it. I am all for a woman doing something for herself to feel beautiful, (which I use that word loosely), but to feel beautiful for yourself versus someone else changes the solidarity of this topic for me.

The real point of this article is to identify the reason why we want to change ourselves and look beyond the feeling of "pretty" or "hot" into the depth of what these words have created in our society. We look at celebrities as though they're the definitional image of perfection when in reality they're insecurities and their jobs of being in the spotlight, force them to create this image. I love when people always ask about a Kardashian's butt or Nicki Minaj's,

"Is it real you think?"

My Response: -_____-

As a fitness coach and certified trainer, I can tell you there is an obvious, tall tale sign of fake butts and real. Point of this booty rant is to show you that we, women and men, look at these people and say, well they look good, that's what I want, that's hot, but that too isn't real. Just know they changed for the pressure of society to hold them to a certain standard and seeing these people as successful or rich or what's "in", holds us non celebrities to a certain standard of having to look like that, aimlessly hoping we will be successful or happy,

The happiest people in the world, generally speaking may never even watch these music videos or go to a movie theater. Plastic surgery is something done to change how we feel but make sure you're changing for you. Not because a man wants you to look more like a hot celebrity or because you think you'll catch you a rapper! Change because you want to do it for you. My ultimate first suggestion, pick up fitness magazine or download an app and try a workout at home, in the park or the gym. Then go from there.

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