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No Excuse Workout

I have no time

No gym membership

The gym is too crowded, too expensive, too far....

If this sounds like you then you should keep reading


Most of my readers may be in New York, which can translate to a tiny apartment, however you don't need a giant space to get in a good burn in the muscles and sweat down your forehead.

I've composed a list of my favorite non machine moves as well as at home equipment.

For the booty

  • Glute-hip bridges (more advanced elevate feet)*

  • Stationary & Reverse lunge*

  • Lateral lunge

  • Donkey kicks*

  • Fire hydrants*

  • Body weight squats *

  • Duck walk

To make these more challenging add a mini band above or below the knees to the exercise with a * next to it.

For the upper

  • Walk outs

  • Push ups

  • Dips on a chair or solid knee level surface

  • Plank up and downs

  • Band tricep, bicep, shoulder workout (helpful if you visit this site >__<)

  • Dumbbell press

  • Dumbbell row

  • Dumbbell side, front and reverse raise

There are so many variations for all of these workouts with the band, without a band, dumbbells, or timed rounds; you can maximize your workout by adding more dynamics to each. The possibilities are limitless so stop making excuses!!!!Also, if money is an issue, planet fitness is 10$ a month! Here's a link to some of the most functional at home equipment, travel size and inexpensive!In home gym equipment

Good luck on you excuse proof workouts!

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