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What She Really Wants

Fellas...can you bet the money in your wallet that you're satisfying your woman? Sexually, emotionally and all of the above?

If you're doubting the answer to this, keep reading.

Women like to be pleased, loved, told they're beautiful, swept off their feet. There's a lot of validity to the classic Disney Princess movies but we aren't all a damsel in distress. We are also strong and independent women who just want a good independent man to love us and hold us, treat us like queens, take us out, cuddle with us, surprise us with a romantic night in or out.

In the sheets...

Sexually, what woman doesn't love when you go down on her. If that's not your thing then fine but keep in mind you trying to shove her head towards your croch she probably isn't too excited about the fact she won't be getting the reciprocity.

Be aware of this and try to treat her gentle and like you aren't forcing a popsicle into her mouth. If you have a mutual understanding that you don't do oral then make sure if she is doing you the act, and not getting it back, you assure her it is appreciated. Show her with the sex or kisses.

If you do like the kitty then it honestly will probably make for better sex. Now you're both getting off, both excited and sexually heightened. Clearly you're pleasing her so that's already points on the board.

Diving further into that; just because you're going down on us, doesn't mean we like it. Don't just lick around, write the alphabet, get deep, if you're gonna do it, commit. Would you like a woman to just lick your parts and not get the whole thing? Commit.

In the streets...

I understand the double standards of our society where men have to generally pay for the date but keep in mind there are a million ways to keep your woman satisfied or excited in your relationship.

Groupon or living social have tons of discounted events, date ideas, fitness classes or beauty treatments. Surprise her occasionally with one of those and I don't mean on her birthday or Valentine's Day. I mean for the random sake of it, surprise her one day. Bring her coffee, take her to a boxing class with you, give her a spa day for herself, Jazz club for the both of you, simple flowers with a note reminding her how amazing she is to you. It doesn't take a million dollars nor a rocket scientist to keep a smile on her face. Sometimes it's the small, simple things that add up and make her day or week. A happy woman is a happy man.

Tell her she's beautiful to you. Remind her of how you became a couple or fell in love or got married.

Take her to see an art exhibition or a concert you know she will love. Get away! Short road trip or take the Amtrak out of town for the weekend.

Women like actions. Take action. Don't tell her what she wants to hear. Just do it.

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