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With all the political banter and conflict since our new president, all the mishaps and unfortunate murders and deaths related to reinforcement authorities, there has never been such an empowering time for people of color to lead, inspire and unite. That has taken precedent in the film and entertainment industry recently with an array of films being produced with a majority of a black cast. Not only are they producing great movies but they are emotionally connecting the audience and really telling amazing stories.

"Fences", "Hidden Figures" and "Moonlight" are amongst the most recent, powerful, drama films and as you may already know, award winning. Even the "Get Out" written and produced by comedian actor Jordan Peele, has left audiences thinking about black politics and what it is to be black. As a Latina voice, I have to say all of these films not only moved me but hit the heart. Different story lines, different topics but a great display of black professionals taking a lead in this industry.You cannot say that these actors and actresses didn't bring it.

I encourage you all, what ever race, to see these films. A huge congrats to all casts and producers and writers. Thank you for delivering your performances and productions.

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