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5 Foods to Avoid: Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you think they're all carbs, you're wrong. After discussing this with a friend, I decided to post this up to help my readers gain some knowledge on why they have tummies.

SIMPLE carbohydrates and SUGAR. Do not, I repeat, Do not avoid carbs. They're not the devil, but what is are simple carbs; often processed, synthetic, white, man made carbs such as macaroni and pasta, potato bread, chips, pizza, even fixings on your salads make a difference such as croutons. To lose that belly fat you really have to start paying attention to what goes on your spoon and in your mouth. Cliché but true: you are what you eat.

That being said:

1. Pasta, Noodles, Spaghetti and Macaroni.

They make this now so you can get gluten free, whole wheat or my personal favorite which sounds less appealing than it tastes, black bean and spinach noodles. They're to die for!

2. Sodas

Common sense right, but even diet sodas contain crap. It is calorie free but won't necessarily help you lose weight. Low cal or no cal doesn't mean weight loss!

3. Bread

Now you can substitute bread with so much it's unreal. Rice cakes are my go to. I know a lot of people say they can't switch to something so tasteless but there are so many food products out there now meant to replace the bad ones, at least resort to gluten free grains. They will stick less to your stomach!

4. Most Fruit Juices

Yep! You're morning orange juice could contain just as much sugar as a soda. Also, most juices have no fiber which means it won't have the same effects as an orange, instead it will feel as though you've had nothing and you can keep consuming a large amount.

5. High Calorie Coffee Drinks

This one may have disappointed you all the most but getting a boost of energy at Starbucks every day can equate to an extra meal or 2 depending on what you order. When I go, of course I need some flavor but I get sugar free flavor syrups or add stevia or my own personal travel flavor drops. When you add the milk, sugar and flavor shots...the amount of sugar is just overwhelming and headed straight for your undercover abs!

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