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The Top 2 Factors of Why You Look The Way You Do

Where ever I go, I find the biggest health or fitness concern that people have is their tummy; the layer of fat covering their abs that they say don't exist. It is very important that you all realize there are two major key factors that are determining you level of progress:

1) Dedication 2) Genetics "I ate healthy today" means a salad to about 90% of the population that is saying it. A salad lacks in protein, fiber, good healthy fats and carbs. It's good for you but a salad at 2 pm with thing else in your system is lacking. Your body hits a starvation mode. Dont be afraid to eat! Be afraid to eat processed food!

If you want to reach a goal you should do some thorough research, I hate to say it but all the fitness hearsay out there has created a lot of myths on what builds up stomach fat i.e., eating after 6 pm. At my leanest, i was eating after 8pm due to my schedule and I know a lot of folks, fitness professionals that eat well into the night. It's what you eat at that time that matters, such as high protein versus sticky carbs that will be stored as fat as your sleeping. Dedicating yourself to a goal is important so finding time to learn out how to achieve that goal is key. Gather your info from magazines, online reliable resources such as blogs of fitness professionals, articels,, not necessarily your friend's trainer who happens to be out of shape but charges an hourly fee to get him/her in shape. Dedicate yourself. -Get food and nutrition data, workout routines -join a gym or find a park -start cooking at home and eating out less Now, one extremely underestimated factor in the way our bodies look and react is genetics. People have no idea how serious it is and how it affects our weight loss rate, muscle building capabilities, and all relative blood work. As a woman who works very hard to achieve her body, I used to get admiringly discouraged when I saw very aesthetically appealing females who didn't even walk a single mile or do a single body weight squat but then I realized that it was because of my genetics that I was such a hard worker. It was my genetics that gave me determination and extreme mental focus. I work harder than most men in my gym and I thank those very genetics that blessed me with no booty so I could build one! Lesson: if you want it, you have to want it bad enough to throw all excuses aside, all obstacles in your DNA and just go for it because when you get closer and closer to those goals and reach them, you begin setting higher ones and in turn reach higher levels in your life you otherwise wouldn't dream of.  

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