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Supplements Debunked

A supplement is good to have and take but be careful with what you hear about all of these "fat loss" and "muscle building" products. Most products are Not FDA approved at all, even in GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, so recommended usages and all of that are based on that company’s own case studies. I have taken supplements for about 4 years now but on and off.

I’ve tried a ton of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), proteins, pre workouts, fat burners and some other over the counter more common products. I have never tried steroids or any type of hormonal drugs but I will tell you, if you start altering your body’s natural hormonal balance and regulatory system, expect effects.

For the most common supplements such as aminos, protein, creatine, pre workout, fat burners, vitamins, fish oil and all those, I recommend you head over to and read up on some reviews of the companies and products your interested in. Personally, I was picky when doing my own research on what to take and how because I don’t like putting just anything into my system, even if a celebrity is raving about it, you must remember, people get paid to promote products. That’s all it’s about now. So just because Chloe Kardashian is holding up a fat burner by company A, doesn’t necessarily mean that A will work for you or that it works at all. I looked into Optimum, Evogen, Gaspari Nutrition, Muscle Tech, SciVation, Dymatize, Cellucor, BSN, Muscle Pharm and more but I loved the qualities of RSP Nutrition because it was designed by athletes, natural athletes, so it didn’t contain a lot of extra crap. They have all the products I need; protein, BCAA’s, recovery stacks, lean stacks, energy boosting products and more. For whatever your personal need is, go with a brand that exudes your desires.

If you like a tingle, itching sensation before your workout, I’d suggest a pre workout supplement that has Beta-Alanine and is known for giving you that itch.

If your looking to put on mass and need more weight, along with a proper diet, find a protein/gainer that maybe has more carbs or has testimonials from people with similar goals. Be careful when taking supplements because although your friend may have told you a specific brand worked for him/her, it really could do nothing or too much for you. Everyone is different (refer to prior article).

Good luck and here are some sources!

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