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6 of Instagram’s Male Fitness Professionals You Should Be Following

These are some men who not only look good, but know their stuff! If you're starting your fitness journey, already in it, or a pro athlete, it doesn't matter. These 6 guys are passionate about what they do and exude that as soon as you click on their Instagram.

Kieon Dorsey @Kieon- Lifting routines and serious motivation

This guy loves the weight room but even more so, motivating others to get to it! No matter what, he some how will always be able to help you get your ass up and moving, whether it be the squat rack or a bike, Kieon really pushes you to be better overall. His workouts are super kick ass and nothing but positive energy overflowing from his profile, and some big biceps.

Sean Green @theseangreen- Basketball techniques and training

Former NBA player, Sean is extremely knowledgable about the game of basketball, techniques and all different aspects of the game. Also, he’s funny! He shows a ton of different moves and development skills. You can also follow his page and contact him for coaching, from young kids to professional athletes.

Andre Ferguson @luckylibra213- Pro Bodybuilding physique motivation

He has climbed the bodybuilding physique ladder and quick. Conquering all competition in is path, Lucky Libra is lean, mean and 100% ready always. His symmetrical abs may will you into the gym along with his words. His youtube channel shows some of his training also. He was won countless top pro shows and again, he’s coming for Mr. Olympia next.

Marco Rivera @marcorivera12- Pro Bodybuilding Competitor

But above that he is a devoted father and husband. Hard work is bred in this family, as his wife is also a Pro Bikini Competitor, both holding Olympia and Arnold titles amongst many other Pro shows. Marco is the true vision of dedication, balance, family and passion. Somehow he still finds time to train other competitors to reach their awards on stage.

Joshua Cummings @iamjoshuacummings- Straight eye candyHe works hard for his body but it is literally that of a sculpture of an ancient Greek; flawless. He dedicates himself to his fitness, and doesn't miss a workout, trust me I know, we've done abs together. He’s been featured in the top fitness magazines. If you need workout motivation visuals...well thank me later.

Andrew Saltas @BodMechanic- Corrective work and physical therapy

If you need any type of physical therapy, this man is a god. He not only knows his stuff but he also loves it and studies it religiously. He’s passionate about helping anyone and everyone with their pains, injuries or imbalances and from personal experience, he’s like magic. It’s crazy how people’s aches and pains can disappear with one visit to him.

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