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Hurricanes and earthquakes are mother nature's way of checking human nature, but humans are inhumanely eliminating each other. On top of national racism, the most divided political views our country has faced in centuries and a, what seems like an indefinite, continual process to rebuild cities post storm destruction, violence somehow emerges through everything as if the lives lost in the natural disasters weren't enough. A man decided to open fire at a concert, an event where literally everyone goes to enjoy themselves. What's more disgusting? Officially the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, the Mandalay Bay hotel shooting left, as of now, 59 dead and more than 500 others wounded. With this tragic violent act, America is left questioning gun control and more divide in the topic of terrorism.

The first thing I noticed about this event was that there was no central conversation built around Stephen Paddock's background or connections to any terrorism however, in any other violent crime carried out by a minority, there tends to be more attention to the individual as a terrorist or just an overall person. So far, as 24 hours has passed, most of the debacle around the shooter is that he passed all background checks for the guns. There is not much regarding his history, the actual incident, his purpose nor association to anything. Immediately with all of the previous crimes committed regarding race, everything about these people was questioned, exaggerated or ridiculed. We literally know nothing about Stephen. I only see further divide due to this awful loss, in relation to race and furthermore, the political views on gun laws.

My heart goes out to all those lost, wounded and to the families who are suffering all losses in all these events. The violence and hatred that filled this man's soul was so strong that it over powered his mind to kill innocent people, a group of innocent people. It sickens me to my stomach. The continuous shootings around our country that happen day in and day out, the ones that don't make the news, those matter too. One daughter, one grandfather, one student killed over a mugging, a belt, happens too much, too often. Teach love. I encourage everyone to commit one small act of kindness daily as you never know who you're crossing paths with. It could be another Stephen Paddock, who could be at the brink but because someone held the door for him or said thank you to him, may take second chance before killing someone. It may sound like a stretch, but as a nation, as a people, we need to start teaching love and continue teaching it.

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