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3 Ways to Permanently Look Younger

As the daughter of a woman who looks 20 years younger than she actually is, (and no it's not genetics), I owe my skincare knowledge and routines to my mother. She's timeless, takes constant care of her skin and always invests in updated and valued products, as well as DIY beauty methods.

Since I was in elementary school, I learned about skin hydration, pores, peelings and more; with this, I've practiced many daily and weekly routines to ensure youthful, wrinkle free, resilient skin. Now, I'm sharing my 3 favorite things with you which you might have heard before but I will break them down a little better so you can understand WHY you need to do them if you're trying to look young as the years go on.


The most talked about skincare practice but most underrated. Exfoliation is literally the key to staying young. Now, more than ever there are hundreds of new products that can instantly exfoliate upon application and on the more pricey side, technological advances allow you to go to spas and get special treatments such as Microderm abrasion. With special machines, these can knock off the dead skin and clear out your pores. Since my mother and I are on top of skincare, we actually own one and I have to tell you, this is an investment worth having.

A quick at home exfoliation mix:


  • 1/2 teaspoon honey

  • 1 teaspoon raw sugar

  • Fresh lemon juice

Blend and apply!

One of my favorite products is Fresh Beauty's Sugar Face Polish


Drink H20 like it's your job. I remember when I was competing in bodybuilding, I was slacking a bit in the skin renewal sector, not having too much time for masks and such, but I was chugging water daily, as I still do, and I always received compliments on my skin, well the secret was water. Your skin needs to be hydrated, it's like when you lotion a dry spot. Well your skin stays supple from within, inside out. The more water you drink and hydrated you stay, the more your collagen and biotin will be poppin'!


Using a moisturizer will provide a different type of hydration directly on top of your skin, more of an instant effect. It can stimulate collagen and prevent wrinkles and give off a plumpness to your skin. I personally can't leave my house with out moisturizing. If you have oily skin, you can and should still moisturize. Try an oil-free moisturizer, specifically for oily skin. Dry skin most definitely should moisturize.

Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil - For dry skin

Umbrian Clay Oil Free Lotion-Normal to Oily skin

Fresh Vitamin Moisture Glow Face Cream- Normal to Dry skin

I recommend Fresh Beauty skincare period as their products are literally so refreshing, give you a glow an have a wide variety for all skin types and needs.

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