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Where Do You Start If You've Never Hit the Gym

I recently ran into two young ladies in the gym who told me they're just starting out their workout routine. They aren't too familiar with the gym, never really used weights and weren't sure what to do. This is for you both! These apply for men and women.

I could write on and on about what exercises to start with, how to do them and continue on for pages about the benefits and what not to do or do but I want my readers to get the most out of this article. So here are some basic guidelines:

Warm up

Whether it be 5-10 minutes of cardio, walking, jogging, stationary bike..get the blood flowing and your joints loose and muscles warm.

Do lift but don't lift too much

What I mean is, don't pick up a 30lb dumbbell if you can't even pick it up properly. A lot of issues people have is they lift weight that they actually can't lift properly. So don't be shy to grab a lighter weight, besides true gym goers know that you can get just as good of a workout with light weights doing high reps as you can with heavy weight low reps. The point is, don't bite off more than you can chew.

Just because someone can, doesn't mean you can

If you see someone doing something and you want to try it, I get it, that's cool it looks beneficial but their fitness level may be totally different from yours so keep that in mind. If you see a guy doing pull-ups, he could be doing them wrong, then you strut your stuff over to do the same ones and now you're doing them wrong.

Don't go over 1 hour

Especially if you're new to the gym a 30-45 min workout is perfect for you.

Here's a sample routine for my new gym buddies which you can easily type into youtube for some videos, I also have more on my Instagram Miss Ledo

The following hits total body but will definitely allow your body to move in new ways. I suggest looking up the exercises but I have outlined the movement.

10 minute warm up on cardio

3 sets of each exercise completing 10-12 repetitions (reps)

10 Per Leg Stationary lunge (Front leg steps forward and bends so you're 90 degrees with both legs, bring it back and switch legs)

10 Body Weight Box Squats (Incorrectly done by many so aim to sit down onto a bench behind you hence the box, allowing you to get better form which translates to using your butt instead of injuring you back. Keep your knees in line with your shins)

10 Dumbbell Curls (Elbows in to your sides, curl the db up to your shoulder without moving that elbow)

10 Dumbbell Side Raises (Arms by your side palms facing your thighs, raise up through your shoulders allowing a slight bend in your elbow, raise only as high as your shoulder then back down)

10 Cable Seated Row or a Kneeling Dumbbell Row (Back exercise which ever you prefer, the motion is pulling through your back even the the weight is carried by the arm, so contract your back at the top of the exercise, squeeze)

20 Crunches 3 rounds


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