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The One Beauty Spa You Should Visit

For my Floridians, my fitness folk, my beauty savages and men too, there is an amazing place hidden in the heart of Miami, Bay Harbor Medical Spa has literally everything you need for improving and upkeep of your body, face and well-being. Bay Harbor Perfection has an array of services from mask peels, IV therapy, botox fillers, lipo treatments, teeth whitening, hair restoration, cellulite reduction and butt plumping... they have everything and anything for men and women but unlike other medical spas, their prices are unbeatable with quality services. Football players, actresses and models are known for stopping by the BH Med Spa.

I wanted to bring this place to my readers' attention because I find myself needing some extra small things to add to my healthy lifestyle. For example, I take excellent care of my skin, cleansing and exfoliating my face and body but a facial peel can really renew your skin in ways exfoliation can't. If you need additional wellness services to your already fabulous lifestyle, I highly recommend them. However, if you are also starting out your journey of self improvement, then this is also a great starting place. Come in for some IV therapy, maybe treat yourself to teeth whitening or a cellulite massage to get yourself feeling a bit better and motivated. All the services that this spa offers, I guarantee you will find one that you can not only benefit from but may just need.

Bay Harbor Perfection Services

Bay Harbor Perfection Med Spa 1090 Kane Concourse, Suite 204 Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154
Phone: 305-600-6083 Phone: 786-453-2207
Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am-7pm Saturday: 10am-4pm
Follow Us: Snap: Perfectionspa Instagram: bh_perfection_medspa Facebook: Bay Harbor Perfection YouTube: BH Perfection

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