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How to Get Those Shoulders Shaped

Shoulders, like any other body part, could come easy or hard for an individual. I know for myself, its very hard for me to build defined, strong arms so I have to hit them multiple times a week, just like glutes. My suggestion is hit them heavy one day and hit them light another, with high volume MEANING;

Day 1 Heavy weights, 4 solid compound exercises

Day 2 Light weights, more reps, isolation moves

Compound Moves Defined:

For those of you who just read that as if it was a foreign language, compound moves mean any exercise that engages two or more different joints to fully stimulate entire muscle groups and, indeed, multiple muscles such as a seated press, moving shoulder joints and elbows on the way up.


Therefore, isolation movements really focus on a single joint such as a tricep extension where all you're moving is your lower half of your arm and hinging from the elbow.

Here's a sample workout for you to start with, I suggest youtubing the moves if you're unsure. I'll be developing videos soon!

Day 1 :3-4 Sets of 12 reps

warm up with light weight 20 rep seated press

20 rep side or lateral raise

20 rep front raise

(The weight used for warm up is SUPER easy for you, it's just warming up the joints and muscle groups you're about to use)

A) Seated dumbbell bench press

B) Barbel Push press

C) Dumbbell Arnold press

D) Barbell upright row

Day 2: 3-4 Sets of 12-15 Reps

A) Dumbbell Lateral Raise

B) Front plate raise

C) Dumbbell shrugs

D) Light weight reverse fly

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