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Leg Day, Because Who Really Wants No Legs?

Legs are not just for looks. They're the foundation of your body, therefore, they have to be strong and functional. Lifting weights has a ton of benefits, but when you lift for legs, you're doing even more for yourself. Leg day contributes to higher Testosterone levels, men and ladies, leg day will burn more calories and help give you that shapely tone and a better booty. So with all this being said, here is a leg day for both men and don't be afraid to incorporate glutes, we like a good man butt. 

Always warm up, 5-10 min uphill walk or stair master or elliptical machine

Try hitting 4 sets of these circuits but if you're starting out, gage yourself and try 3 sets, always warm up with bodyweight first no matter what level!

A) Leg extensions 12 rep

B1) Ham string curl laying or seated 12 rep

B2) Dumbbell Deadlift 12 rep

C) Squat (If you aren't sure about form, stick to no load, and do a box squat, sitting down on a platform behind you, knees staying in line with shins, bodyweight only) 12 Reps

D1) Stationary Lunges

D2) Hyperextension

Booty specific:

E1) Hip Thrust

E2) Cable Kick Backs

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