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Why Eating Healthy is Not Healthy: 14 Food Documentaries That May Change Your Life

We are misinformed as a whole about the term, "healthy". As a nation, we have become so reliant on labels as a source of telling us what it is we are digesting however, labels are bullish** half the time. The word, 'healthy' is such loosely defined word, different amongst the public, a runner, a couch potato and the FDA. Recently, KIND bars were in trouble with the FDA because they were describing their bars as healthy. The FDA claimed they had too much fat to be labeled as such. My issue with this is that fat comes in all forms but the fat content doesn't necessarily make it unhealthy. The ingredients are what really dictate the healthiness of a product. The fat or sugar or carbohydrate content could be reactively high however, if these levels are originally from natural products, then they could be healthier than another product with lower levels driven from all processed ingredients. In other words, the fat levels don't dictate what's healthy. The sugars and carbs neither tell us what's healthy. What really defines healthy is origin of ingredients; partially hydrogenated oils, enriched flour, bleached flour, red dye...all of these are unnatural and can really make a product considerably unhealthy.

With low fat and sugar free products, these are very, very misleading. Low fat usually has a high sugar content and sugar free usually has a higher fat or other factor make up for the taste lacking sugar.

Did you know legally, if a company lacks .05% of a transfat, they are allowed to not label that ingredient or percentage on there? I could write about this all day and sure you will learn but it can be a bit boring. So, check out these documentaries on Netflix or iTunes, they're educating but not super boring. Watch them with the kids, your significant other or when you have some down time. Just me on this, you'l be in awe.

  1. Hungry For Change

  2. GMO, OMG

  3. Forks Over Knives

  4. Food Inc.

  5. That Sugar Film

  6. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

  7. Sugar Coated

  8. Food Matters

  9. Super Size Me

  10. Bite Size (Child obesity)

  11. Fathead

  12. Vegucated

  13. King Korn

  14. Food Beware


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