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Where Has Fitness Gone? : 6 Things That Suck About the Fitness Industry

After reading these fabulous points made by BJ Gaddour, a major contributor to the community, I felt compelled to address these extremely valid points because not only are they applicable to the fitness world now a days but social media as a whole.

1) First of all, most of us fitness junkies have posted fitness selfies; abs, glutes, back, shoulders, whatever it may be, I'm guilty too. However, it's all about the purpose, does that selfie inspire vs show off? Oh yeah, big difference, also a big difference if all you're posting is these types of pictures. Attention: I'm not hating, nor knocking anyone for doing it, however, a fitness professional should aspire to inspire, they should post valuable pictures. If you're a fitness professional of any kind, then one would think you became such to help others. So if all we see is your ass, well nice one you've got, but what are you really doing for anyone else. Progress pics for me, are a different type of shot. They show how change and progress is possible. So these for me are a different category.

2) There are a ton of videos out there, some of my acquaintances create them weekly but if they are again, to inspire others, they could be a bit far fetched. Some are for entertainment but explaining a video montage of exercises, making it seem like the general population can perform them is a bit exaggerated. Show off what you can do for entertainment, but incorporate the fact that you may be abnormal, genetically crazy or been doing acrobats your entire life. Make sense. to the rest of us who can't do a one arm handstand pushup after one month of practicing pushups.

3) This one hits to all social media. Fancy cars, fancy houses, fancy stuff, posted up against it. It's funny because I am the last person to devalue a person's hard work, but when this is the only message your getting across, well then I hope you find true gratitude and value in your life. How about giving back to others, using that fancy car to drive your "fit ass" to a community center and take pics of that. High end materials only show to the world what you want them to think of you. It's awesome to buy a new car, go ahead you earned it, but find value in other things as well, maybe that can't be bought.

4) Self explanatory. Everyone has an ego.

5) Fun fact; the fitness industry is like the music industry; a lot of showing off what you really don't have. Do not think making it in this industry is easy, it's all hard work. Even when you think someone is making it, there's a good chance they aren't. The fitness exposure is bit glorified. Fitness professionals who have been in this field for years and years, well they have grit and relentless perseverance.

6) As a former bikini bodybuilding competitor, I thought I was in the norm not touching a drug, or hormonal blocker or enhancer, or stimulant. I found out I was actually going against the grain. No matter what category of athlete, drugs have been used across the board. Natural athletes still exist of course however, a lot of "natural" athletes also use extra enhancers. The unfortunate thing about this is a lot of people will claim, "hard work" and "eating clean" is all that got them there, misleading their entire audience. Surgery is another one, but we will just leave it where it is.

I hope all my readers and aspiring athletes and people with any fitness goals take this into consideration. Thank you BJ Gaddour for this kick ass list.

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