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Valentines Day: Treat Bae, Bae = You

Valentines day has become all about the commercialization of chocolates, jewelry, stuffed animals and flowers. It has enhanced romance in relationships but it's also repetitive and for us single folk, a bit annoying.

Great news for the non committed; you can make it through this day with being in love with yourself! The best thing you can do today is make time for you, treat you and reward you. Even better, you can contribute to the improvement of your mind and body. Chocolate is overrated, why don't you just wine and dine yourself! Appreciate yourself, your hard work, your accomplishments and dreams, your mindset, your strengths and survival. It's a day to take a full appreciation of yourself. You can feel amazing on Valentines Day and be alone. The stigma of being with someone on that day is so cliche. The irony is that many people don't know that they need to accept themselves before they can accept others.

Better Than Chocolate:

Take an hour on this day and look at how far you have come, what else you want to do and what is beautiful about you as a person, a human being. Take a hot shower or a salt bath, music playing, meditate with only positive thoughts, clearing your mind of tomorrow, of the agenda and what you still have to do, just take time to be grateful.

Maybe you want to hit the gym today before this soak, making your Valentines Day even better, instead of indulging in the sugar, get in a sweat, a fitness class or a dance class. Feel fine, hit the bath and eat your candle lit dinner. Know that Valentines Day, nor any other holiday will ever validate your relationship status, or status as a person of love. Cook a beautiful meal, right some candles, put on your favorite movie, a single rose at the table.

Being Single:

You are not alone because you have faults. It is not simply black and white. There are diamonds in the rough all over. Remember who you are and what you deserve. If you don't practice self love and apreciation, you can become desperate and jump at the first individual you see, settling just because you're lonely. The more self love you have, the less lonely you'll be. You don't want to just fill a void, then it will forever always be a void; empty. You want to grow, progress as a person, practice gratitude, in yourself and others and then you can truly replace a void with a fulfillment of a whole other being.

Stop the self pity, and start the self practice.

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