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I Work Out Like a Beast & I'm Still Fat

This is the sentence that I want you to retain in your memory bank for life:

You cannot out exercise a bad diet.

I could say this till I'm blue in the face, and some of you still won't get this.

It's not even about calories. It's about what is entering your body and what those foods do to your body, how they stick to you, how they convert to fat and become stored, how they are or aren't used for energy, how they're utilized.

In college, I got so excited about that damn meal plan, I swiped the card, ate, and took more to go. I'd go to the gym, work hard, yet slowly saw the weight approaching. Freshmen 15 is real, for me it was 20. Sophomore 25...and this is coming from a person who loved to run, loved to lift. I love movement, always have but it wasn't until I realized all my hard work would never out do those to go boxes of granola. Even when you think you're taking healthy food, you really have to think about what is in it and all the ingredients you definitely don't know about. The chicken for example, we loved their sesame chicken, but looking back, I can't imagine the amount of salt, sugar and oils in it. It actually makes me sick thinking of it.

We were all obsessed with that chicken, it was just so good, you would get seconds and before you know it, you ate enough for the whole day. Now add the crappy, hidden ingredients on top, you now ate too much at one sitting and ate the wrong stuff. Go try to run that off... you ideally have to do about 30-60 minutes of continuous training, whatever it may be, to burn off an average of 300-700 calories. Mind you, these are averages, everyone is different and the exercise intensity is a variable but many studies have shown, just looking at burning off the same calories you have just ate, you have to put in a good hour of work to burn it off. Subsequently, even though you're burning off those calories, since they're already in your body, the sugars and chemical compounds of whatever it is you already digested, are now being processed by your body, turning into energy or fat. This all depends on the food you ate. Keep that in mind. You cannot out exercise your cookie, your pizza or your bagel and cream cheese. So in moderation, eat what you like, but don't over do it! You cannot just burn it off into thin air.

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