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2018: 18 School Shootings in 7 Weeks

After the 17 lives lost in Florida, I questioned how many others were lost so far this year. A shocking 18 total school shootings have occurred, 16 I didn't even know about. 16 places affected that most of us haven't seen in the news. Not just lives lost, but affected. Children experiencing a permanent emotional tribulation. Parents burying their kids. Educators protecting their students, gone.

Every sign apparently has popped up that the gunman was going to do this. People said he might do it one day. There was even a youtube comment saying he would be a professional school shooter. Hello red flags!!! He was previously expelled for having amno on campus and causing trouble. After the passing of his mother in November, the only parent he had left, more depression hit and he used social media as an outlet. The warning signs were literally there but he wasn't getting the help he needed. What can we do? They usually tend to be out in the open, especially in this social media dependent world. Now the question remains, how can we pay attention to these signs and react to them.

In a world of social media, connecting us to the entire world by one account, how is it we are so disconnected? People like Nicolas Cruz feel so isolated and depressed that they use social media to vent and subliminally seek help but ironically, no one listens until it's too late. Most gunman in school shootings have endured bullying or some serious at home issues. This pattern creates disharmony in their mind. They resort to isolation and aggression. Born is a silent act to those who bullied them, didn't listen or ignored them. Innocent lives lost because they weren't aware of how this individual felt. No one paid attention. It isn't our fault, any other child's fault, it isn't the violent video games, a teacher's fault, the parents, it's a combination of elements that can accumulate such low self esteem in a child. What can we do as people? If the next potential youth who's thinking of doing this was asked, "what is it that is bothering you, what do you need, how can I help, can I do something", maybe, just maybe, lives will be saved. This is not obviously that easy but our country needs to develop more accessibility to information for people that need this. More inspiration, more how to cope, more mentorship, advice, programs or knowledge in general. The same accessibility we have to toking up celebrity Instagram photos should be the same accessibility to anti bulling, self help, self care and empowering motivation that supports overcoming hardships.

I'm not saying that this is the only solution, by far it is not. Obviously that is the emotional aspect but what about the law's responsibility. How are these gunman able to have such access to guns? Hopefully our administration addresses ONE of these aspects but as citizens reading this, if you know someone in legislation, be a pain in the butt. Talk to them. Start talking, speaking up. The more of us that speak up, the more voices are heard. I can't write this article and hope Trump's Council sees it. The NRA needs to be held responsible, the government, the president and those who govern our laws. If we, as the people, speak up in masses, we can make a difference.

A combination of major companies, people of power and everyday citizens coming together can uplift the youth of our nation. Take action. The Gun Laws need to change, the screening on the authorities' behalf need to crack down, youth need to know they aren't alone and they aren't worthless. Much needs to be done, prayers without action will accompalish nothing. Legislation needs to take action. We also need to take into account some type of established guidance for the survivors of instances like this. Sandy hook has created an extremely surreal message for this purpose which is below in the link. The kids who were shot at, who survived, who ran out of the school; they've endured something that won't easily leave their mind and to avoid more pain within them, proper coping and counseling really needs to be laid out.

My heart, soul, emotions, and more than prayers, go out to all those lost, all families and all survivors from these shootings, all of them, all of them that haven't received any televised attention.


Sandy Hook


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