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Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Empty Your Pockets: Work Week Lunches for Less Than You're Pa

Work at 8 am, (I'm being generous as I'm up at 5), kids lunches, feed everyone breakfast before you go, or for you bachelor and bachelorettes, like myself, I just have to worry about maintaining my own sanity and wellbeing. If you don't food prep, chances are you're eating lot of crap. I personally have food prepped for a long time now and I wouldn't want it any other way but it isn't for everyone for whatever reason. However, if money is your excuse, well you're doing more harm to yourself buying food on your lunch break or on a whim.

Even if you think heading to Fresh Co, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Subway, Chicken Fil-A isn't going to pack on pounds on your stomach, it's making a dent in your wallet, (and honestly it is packing on pounds). Let's say you get a rice bowl at Chipotle, with some steak, guacamole, salad, cheese, tomato, sour cream. That's about $10 give or take one.

Do YOU a favor and head to your grocery store:

1 bag of leafy greens- $3-4

1 bag of brown rice (white rice amongst several other health reasons, is not as good for you; less nutrient density)- $3

1-2 pound (16 oz-32 oz) pack of chicken breast or Turkey (ground or breast pieces, just as this is the leanest portion of the chicken however, if you prefer another part then go for it)-$6-10

Peppers- $3

Onions- $3

Avacados- $5

Sweet potatoes- $5

A pound or bundle of some green vegetable you really love (Asparagus, Brussel sprouts, for your sake broccoli I hate it though)- $6

With these ingredients, you can literally create a week of lunches! And now one week for a lunch a day, instead of $10-15 a day ($50-75) you have spent an average of $35-$40 for the week.

Cook your rice with some sea salt

Cook your meat on the skillet, crock pot or bake it or with ground meat you can even make burgers, throw on some oregano and onion powder

Grill your peppers and onions in some olive oil and spices even add a handful of your leafy greens

Avocados can be sliced and diced on top

My favorite kind of carb is a sweet potato, cut, and put on the oven for about 30 minutes on 400 degrees, or until crisp and viola you have fries

The leafy greens like spinach, can be used as a salad base or grilled with vegetables. The other veggies such as asparagus, I tend to drizzle with olive oil or avocado oil and throw some smoked paprika on top and bake until some charring is visible or I skillet sautée them.

*Tip: for extra flavor I add Himalayan pink salt to most of my meals, since I don't have much sodium in my diet.

Monday: Grilled chicken, roasted asparagus, brown rice with avocado on top

Tuesday: Taco bowl, salad, some rice, ground turkey with onions and peppers tossed in there

Wednesday: Grilled chicken wrap, (buys some whole wheat or gluten free wraps there are a million healthier choices than plain tortillas and wraps), stuff it with your greens and avocados and grilled veggies

Thursday: Turkey burger with sweet potato fries (personal favorite)

Friday: Pepper bowls, (cut the peppers in half and stuff them with everything you want in there and bake it) google this one if you're unsure.

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