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Dry Hair, Dry Skin, The Home Fix: Coconut Oil

Hair and skin take a punishment in the harsh cold for us North eastern folk. For those who happen to have a cold day in Florida or the West coast, well this will apply to you.

To keep your skin hydrated, nourished and supple, moisturizing and exfoliating are key. However, investing a lot of money in skin care is not something we can all shell out of our paychecks. For this, I recommend some at home remedies to ensure keeping your dry, winter impacted skin, bright and youthful.

Coconut oil

A top ingredient for literally everything. It's good for you, on you, a healthy fat and a moisturizer for almost anything.

For a face scrub that won't leave you dried out try this.

-1/2 C Sugar (1/4 C if you want the scrub less coarse)

-1/2 C Coconut oil

-Add essential oil drops, more of an awakening one like orange or lemon, for invigorating scent and a refreshing feeling.

For a hair deep condition treatment

-2 Tbsp melted in a glass dish...just add it to your hair for 30 minutes. When you shampoo and rinse double it, because if there is any left over coconut oil left in your hair, it will be very very greasy.

For moisturizing

-Just rub it on your skin!

In addition I use daily to my hair and skin routine are NeoCell's Collagen and Keratin line....

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