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The Treadmill is Cool, But it Won't Shape Your Body




Weights will give you muscle, strength and shape your body. Ladies: steroids will turn you into a manly gal, not weights. A lot of us, (women), lift weights every day and we look feminine. Men, if you're going to lift weights, stay humble because a woman like me might just lift the same weight as you but with better form.

Do not pick up more weight than you can handle. I say this more towards the men because I see them doing it. Ironically, women new to the gym, don't want to pick up weight because they don't think they can handle. Sometimes, these men almost give off this vibe of, "I'm big and ill show you what to do, because I'm big", yet half of the time, those men are doing an exercise 80-90% wrong.

My point is learn a movement first, no matter who you are, because this way you can set your pace, over tie see your strength an improve with heavier weights, and get your body right because your form is on point.

Use bands, weights and stability balls or medicine balls. All tools of resistance will create shape to your muscle and apply tension and resistance that you cannot get from doing cardio.

Weight lifitng has a huge assortment of benefits but if you really want to create a body with shapely legs, sculpted arms and toned muscles, you have to lift weights.

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