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A Leg Workout Not For the Faint

You asked, I delivered. As I type this, I'm sitting on my sore butt. My quads, hams and glutes are destroyed, (in the best way ever).

In order for me to really fire up all my muscles, especially glutes, I always start with activation exercises. I also have a permanent injury on my glute/ham insertion point so if I don't warm up, my workout will hurt a lot and I'll be extremely limited with compound movements, such as squats and deadlifts. If you need to google these positions, do so and also check out a great source; Bret Contreras, he's the glute master!


(If you have a mini band, this is more advanced, other wise just do these activations)


clam shells



Bird dog (hold for 5 seconds extended)

unilateral bridges


Lateral banded steps

Now you're ready to grow these legs!

3-4 sets, I do 4 but that's because I don't build muscle easily.

Leg extensions 20/15/12/10

Adductor machine 20

Walking lunges (weighted if possible) 20

Leg press 12/10/10/10

Laying hamstring curl 15/12/10/10

Goblet Squat 12/10/10/8

Dumbell or barbell deadlift 10/10/8/6

Pendulum kick back (substitute for a kickback if not available) 20

Hip thrust (I go heavy for these on this day but lighter is fine with a higher rep scheme if you're new to them)

If you focus on each set, the muscles you're working during that exercise, you will be sure to activate and use the proper muscles.

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