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Being a Woman About Her Business in Business: What They Won't Tell You

I have kept this silent for years. I never took pictures with the people I have met, no selfies...just business. I was never worked up about meeting Usher, Trey Songz or the Giants team. I tell you this so you realize the capacity of stars I've dealt with. Working with celebrities of course is seen as maybe a life of excitement but I'll tell you that it wasn't all it appears to be from the outside.

Upon graduating Syracuse University, my mentor introduced me to booking guest appearances and such for events. I took off from there, as a freelance event planner and loved it. However, when I really dove into the music and entertainment industry, I was introduced to the cold reality of being a woman in that field, who wasn't a singer, stripper or girlfriend of a guy in the mix. To be taken serious was like a daunting mission. I am a woman who lives and breathes business. I love it to any degree. I like getting shit done, handling deals, negotiating, I just thrive off of it. When I had to make my money booking guests and events, I was doing pretty well until I was asked to go home with certain clients at the end of the night. "You know you're going to have to sleep with someone to get ahead", was the line that basically did it for me. I wanted to show them that wasn't the case but at the same time it was such a turn off that this was the reality that was said to be, created and essentially how women were treated. I continued to book more events, create more on my roster but after a must video shoot, artist will remain anonymous, I decided I wanted to leave this field. There were about 8 female models dressed half naked, getting paid nothing, to just be there. Of course they said it built their reputation being in this certain video which I understand, but in the world of business, do we really think that if the roles were switched, a man would have not gotten paid? Why am I sharing this story? I want to heighten the awareness off inequality of women not just in the entertainment industry but still in the equal pay sector and business world. We need to create our worth and validate it. The disgusting things I saw while working in that field, well I just have no problem voicing my opinion on it. I'm sure there will be some people who disagree with this but I'm telling you what I saw and witnessed personally.

As a female in any industry, workplace and field dominated by men, we have to go twice as hard to prove ourselves. So do that. Recognize this. It may not be fair, but I kicked ass in what I did because I stuck to my morals and my self respect. I changed categorically in my business career because I felt I was losing myself and living an unhealthy life. I chose fitness but even in fitness, there are a ton of stigmas and expectations for women. Choose your path. Stop going for the likes, the social media popularity; trust me, those people don't sleep better than you at night.

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