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Juicing; Down to the Root

Why juice?

Eating a plant based, natural diet is not only linked to lowering many heart diseases and cancers, but also shown to improving one’s over health and longevity through boosting vitamin and nutrient intake. Most Americans, over 75% of the population, do not get enough daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Juicing immerses the body with micronutrients that are otherwise not so easily accessible or digestible.

Fad, Yay or nay?

It has its benefits but it should not be prolonged as a way of eating. The facts are that it offers a nutrient-rich, low fat contribution to your body’s immune and digestive system however, it shouldn’t be your total source of caloric intake. Protein is a macronutrient that your body needs to build and maintain and although plants are a source of protein, they aren’t super full of protein or even saturated fats, that your body needs. The body requires a huge variety of vitamins, minerals, macro and micronutrients and that means a variety in your diet.

The problem with the fitness and wellness new wave in our country is that everyone thinks these diets, juices and fitness classes are a quick fix if they go to the extremes. They think, faster results with hardcore juicing but all this balls to the wall, dramatic lifestyle change can only bring about a crash. One day you might just be at a party or wedding and say, “screw it, cheat day...” Cheat day becomes night, and two days and maybe a week...or maybe you just engorge so much that meal that you feel completely awful after but this is why balance is so necessary. Incorporate juicing but do not use it as a replacement all together.

What about those of us trying to be healthy with no time?

Pure Green


Good Cleansing

Juice From the Raw

Enjoy Juicing!

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