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4 Ways to Start Feeling More Confident

I went out with a girlfriend the other day and noticed we kept dissing ourselves as we looked in the mirror. I told her, "compliment yourself." We kept pointing out what we didn't like about our bodies that we never acknowledged what we liked. I am a very confident woman, accepting of my flaws and always trying to improve what I can; I am confident in my persona but there are still things that I may not like about myself. It's a natural feeling especially as we live in a society that constantly places a definition on beauty, success and perfection.

You should know that all of that is constructed. No one is the same and no one is perfect. Embrace you and love you...and try these to help!

1. List things that you have accomplished with your body. Whether it be a race, reading a book, giving birth, raising children, building something or even driving. Stop getting stuck on what your body is not doing!

2. Talk about your butt. Or boobs. Or abs. Or height. Hair, nails, skin. Looking in the mirror and saying what you like out loud, or don't like, will become embedded in your mind. So pick the right thing to say. If you keep noticing what you don't like, you will harp on that forever and continue a negative pattern.

3. Do nice stuff. Simple enough right? Really, volunteer, give back, donate, open the door for a stranger, compliment someone. All of these are mood boosters and it's a win-win because you are helping someone or giving back.

4. Repeat affirmations. You may have read it or heard it but doing it with consistency is totally different. One of my personal favorites: "I can do anything I set my mind to"

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