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5 Things Health Professionals Do

1. Drink water like you’re drinking for your health and not just when you’re thirsty. Our bodies are made up of about 50% water. You need water to function. Drink, drink, drink!

Water is needed for your organ and natural bodily functions such as removal of toxins and transportation of nutrients.

2. Stop and smell the roses. I’m guilty of not doing this but balance is key. Hustle and grind but every now and then, smell the fresh air and stop for a second. It can leave you reenergized and refreshed and in a positive mood.

3. Treat yourself to a sweet treat. Dark chocolate, gummy bears, frozen yogurt. Indulge occasionally, that’s actually irony of balance. Indulging every day, diverts you from your health and fitness goals but when you stay on track and reward yourself, it's so much more enjoyable.

4. Catch enough Zzzzzz’s. This is a subjective topic. I, and several others I know, say they can operate off of no sleep. Eventually, my body screams at me to catch up however, everyone is built different. This is a MUST to comprehend. We are all different, but not sleeping enough for some of us can affect our hormones, causing weight gain. Get enough for your body. Trial and error but an optimal amount is 7 hours.

5. Eat enough vegetables. Sounds like your grandmother should be saying it, but your body needs this nutrient dense food. Vegetables will provide you with enough vitamins and nutrients as well as fiber. They also fill you up so you won’t go overboard on other foods.

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