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A Brand New Fitness Technology That Will Step Up Your Game

Eric Schwertzel, a determined health professional, reminds me of a sort of fitness scientist or as he says, a “biohacker focused on optimizing your physical and mental well-being for a better life”. He instantly intrigued me once he showed me all of his fitness gadgets.

For those readers who don’t know me, I am an avid gym goer and workout junkie. I have a bodybuilding background but since I left competing, sports performance has been an affinity of mine. I have worked and trained in some of the most elite gyms in the country, from franchises to boutique and privately owned facilities. I have trained athletes from professional to junior collegiate and I have explored a ton of elements involved such as band resistance, hypertrophy training, AMRAP, EMOM, circuit training and more. I train as an athlete, so I use all of these consistently throughout my own workouts, however, it wasn’t until I visited BodyScience.NYC in Union Square in Manhattan and tried out their quick, 1 hour routine of ARX, (Adaptive Resistance Exercise), Bulletproof Vibe Plate and GembaRed IR Lights, did I think technology could yield such powerful and fast results. I know apps are taking over, but I mean hands on technology during your workout that molds your exercises to be more intense and powerful is really the future.

The ARX is one of the first of the computer-based exercise machines that “perfectly accommodates any user’s force output and measure it repeatably and accurately throughout the entire range of motion.” It utilizes a Windows computer screen displaying your data for motivational results, while quantifying all of the important muscle group metric data (Maximum Strength, Total Output and Time). Put it all together and you really have the next generation in exercise innovation!

Schwertzel also takes your body fat percentage and later incorporates Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Vibe Plates to improve your balance and coordination while strengthen your stabilizer muscles. He states that “with just one BodyScience.NYC workout per week, daily 10-minute cardio, proper nutrition and optimized sleep, you will see real, measurable guaranteed results in as little as 30 days.” I have to tell you, I believe it. The next day, I felt my delts and back in a new light. I love that feeling and it’s rare that I can really get that. The resistance created by this technology isn’t that of bands or cables; it’s completely unique due to the motor on the ARX. As a trainer of 8 years, with multiple certifications, I use sports performance techniques of all types...this was a new sore. The resistance isn't one you can get from anything else-- it challenges the muscle in the eccentric and concentric motion of each movement. For example, during a seated fly, the resistance was pulling my arms apart and I was resisting that and at the bottom of the movement, I would pull the cables together as a normal fly is done, fighting less and less resistance until I was able to bring my hands close together. I mean I was sweating after the first movement. Side note; I don’t sweat from my first movements of lifting.

The last part of the session was the recovery lights- BodyScience.NYC uses five GembaRed Red and Infrared LED light panels right after the workout. The panels have light wavelengths at 630nm, 660nm and 850nm and you stand about 1-2 inches away for 10 minutes. These wavelengths have been credited by NASA and the medical community to produce improvements in your cellular mitochondrial function, resulting in faster muscle recovery (less soreness!). It even improves your skin health which is why you are now seeing high-end spas with IR sauna sessions.

David Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof said, “Using ARX once or twice a week for 10 minutes stimulates all of the muscle growth I need. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it works!” If I didn’t try it myself, I’d say it was crazy also. The question you’re all asking; it is relatively inexpensive, $125 for a full hour of personalized training that I only need to do once per week, this really could be the secret to improving your physical and mental well-being.

I highly recommend you try it at least once. If your in the wellness or fitness industry, it’s a must! The spot to get this game changing training is at BodyScience.NYC located @ Synergy Fitness Club 244 East 14th Street, New York, NY, 10003. Or contact Eric +1(212)283-6000, if you go, tell me what you think and let him know I sent you over and he will most definitely give you the best technology advanced workout!

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