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5 Ways to Be a Boss Before 9 A.M.

The most successful entrepreneurs and world bosses have made it a point that the morning grind sets their day up for success. Morning routines are key for dictating the rest of your day. To make that rise really shine, here's 5 activities that the most current successful millionaires do.

Make your bed.

You may have heard this one before but it's valid. Consider it an 'adulting' activity. Making your bed, as small as it is, provides a feeling of accomplishment and responsibility and has been proven to give you a kickstart to other responsibilities.


One of the most common activities amongst successful entrepreneurs is meditation. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a construed image of what meditating is. It can be different for everyone though. I'm personally not always able to lay down, close my eyes, listen to calming brain wave music and forget about evryhning I have to do. This is why I give you the definition of meditation; there is none. No clear, exact picture of what you should do besides, set aside an amount of time, 5, 10, 20 minutes, clear all distractions, don't over think or over analyze what you have going on in your life but be present in the moment you are in. I practice gratitude and affirmations within this time in the morning. I light an incense, turn my notifications on silent, listen to a Youtube meditation and think about where I want to be, see myself, what I'm grateful for and how far I've come. It's a lot of visualizing for me but I have to lay back or down with my eyes closed. It is different for everyone but try 5 minutes with nothing going on and see what happens.

Look at your schedule for the day. Go over waht you have planned so you have an idea of how your day looks. Jot down anything that comes to mind also ie; picking up laundry, buy eggs. Statistically, we feel more satisfied when we can cross things off on our to do lists. ;)


This is a must for me. Wake up, splash, exfoliate or wash your face or take a quick shower. It wakes you up and feeling physically refreshed before going to work will really get you pumped.

Pack your lunch. If you're not a big meal prep type, always buying lunches out and hitting the vending machine, I highly suggest you try this. A lot of successful people are successful because of preparation which applies across the board, kitchen too. Preparing a lunch to bring with you for your day will ensure you save money as well as necessary crap calories.

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