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Stress is So Serious That It Can Do This To Your Body...

Affect your libido

If your mind is somewhere else, it may be hard to focus on the task at hand. Also, chronic stress can meat your production of estrogen or testosterone resulting in a small sex drive crash.

Cause hair loss

The body's immune system will attack hair follicles during stress. Result; hair loss and thinning but proper diet and stress management, this can grow back.

Weight gain or loss

Cortisol is a stress related hormone known to cause weight gain, but also a lot of binge and emotional eating occurs under stress. Right or wrong?

Short term memory loss

I'm not talking Alzheimers but scientific studies have shown that a part of your brain, the hippocampus, where memories are stored, can temporarily shrink, anywhere from minutes to days.

Makes you exhausted

Aside from anxiety possibly keeping you up at night, your brain may limit the amount of hormones it releases into your bloodstream, causing you to feel like your dragging your ass all day. (Working out helps level a lot of hormonal imbalances).

Lesson to learn is, stress goes beyond anxiety. It creates physical effects on your body, fatigue is common but things like memory loss, weight gain, acne, hair loss are so common but unknown to the general public to be linked with stress. I urge you to practice stress relief techniques which are listed throughout my blog, check them out.

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