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Why Hiking Should be Your New HIIT

1. Hiking can reduce your chances of having heart problems

Think of it like this, if walking and regular exercise reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases, obviously hiking does too. Socially also, you can surround yourself with a group of friends and encourage a healthy habit.But if you call up a few gal pals and get them onboard for a long, meandering walk through the woods, the time will fly by and you’ll be part of the healthy group that’s sweating on the reg.

2. Spending time in nature can boost happiness and relieve stress and anxiety

A series of studies have correlated spending time in nature, greenery and natural water with stress relief and increased dopamine levels, improving overall well-being. Get lost in nature.

3. Hiking works all muscles, differently than other exercises

Total body workout here, especially if you're walking uphill. Legs are most definitely engaging and if you are leaning forward into that incline, those abs will 100% be engaged, even if you don't see them yet, they're working.

4. Hiking helps build strong bones

Similar to other weight-bearing exercises, hiking has been found to improve bone density. (Along with your daily dose of calcium, of course!) Simply walking has been found to slow the decline of your bones that naturally happens as you age. Meaning, walking up a mountain must be even better, right?

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