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5 Reasons You Should Lift Weights

With all the hype over all thes new fitness challenges, methods and innovations, people will do anything to get their dream body. However, take it back to the basics and lift. Yeah, weightlift. Resistence training is for everyone. Bands, dumbbells, cables, TRX suspension, barbells, the list goes on and everyone can use them.

You will lose body fat

Lifting, unlike cardio, helps you lose fat. Not muscle.

On top, resistance workouts generally burn more calories than cardio, if done adequately.

You will shape your body

Weights and resistance help build and maintain muscles which provide shape to your body, sculpted arms and legs.

You'll handle stress better

Many studies have shown that those who lift tend to have lower stress levels and handle it better. Your blood pressure is also more prone to lowering quicker.

You'll be happier

Endorphins. That is all. They bring out a sense of euphoria.

You will have stronger bones

Resistance training increases bone density.

You will have a healthier heart

What kind of moderate exercise really hurts your cardiac health, really? Reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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