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How to Brand Your Bad Ass Self

Creating a brand is no easy task...well maybe creating something we call our brand, but building it into something worth investments, email subscriptions, content, customer loyalty, a mission; these are all elements of branding that you need to take into consideration.

Now, especially in this entrepreneur era, people are attempting to build up self starters and their own brands but because of the trend, they think it's potentially easy to post some nice graphics, a cool message and the followers will come, the money will flow. Let me tell you, if you aren't true to you, it will only last so long.

I spoke to some top millennial entrepreneurs who are self made, who have funded over 1 million in capital and built their brands from the ground up, here's their advice:

1) Content...creation, marketing, design

Content is definitely a major factor of your brand's message, establistructure and growth but where people mess up is how they spend money on content and what content they release. You want to be true to yourself, what you started in the first place, don't just post stuff that you see another florist posting because you are in the flower business. Don't just post pictures of your booty because you're in the fitness industry. Find your why. You may be in the same industry as someone else, the same career field, same service however, you need to define you by what separates you from them. Your content will distinguish that. Who are you? What do you represent? What is your purpose? What issue are you addressing? How do you plan on addressing it?

2) Look at the competition ...Learn from them

Don't look to see how you can beat them but learn their techniques as to why they're so successful and adapt those methods to fit your brand. Then keep enhancing your brand with step one.

3) What's the tone/mood of the brand

Be consistent with the mood that you're representing. If it's all about good vibes and energy, don't post a potential controversial piece that brings in negative light. If it's an all male skin care line, try to bring a masculine ambience, don't try to attract women. Know the audience and tone of what you have.

4) Find partnerships & collaborations Work with others. We often tend to view other businesses as competition only but we need to help one another. When I was at the GirlBoss Rally in Los Angeles, I came across so many other women in the same boat. We want to build our empires but we are more powerful helping each other than not. A marketing creative could help you grow your business and your business could add to the creative's portfolio. Start looking for collabs.

If you keep these factors in mind, your brand will begin to glow and grow. Some of us really have good ideas but don't know how to develop them. Some of us may have the right tools but don't know who to go to or how to incorporate them. If you blend these entrepreneurial tactics together, you have a better chance of standing out and progressing towards better business and investments.

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