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The Power of Color

Color, beyond the spectrum and rainbows and what we see, has such an emotional and practical hold on us. It can affect how we feel, how it stands out to us can also affect our urge to want more of it, think about colors used for branding. Color can affect your mood, experiences and thoughts intensely. You can be empowered to take action, relax, feel healing energy when you need it. Below are the symbolic emotions and moods that these colors arise within us.

Red- Passion, energy, excitement and danger.

Orange- Creative, fresh, youthful and adventurous.

Yellow- Cheerful, playful and optimistic.

Green- Natural, vitality, prestige and wealth.

Blue- Trustworthy, calming, communicative, (opposite of all that sad).

Purple- Royalty, majestic, spiritual and mysterious.

Brown- Wholesome, organic, simple and honest.

Pink- Feminine, sentimental, romantic and exciting.

Black- Sophisticated, formal, luxurious.

White- Purity, innocence, minimalism.

Gold- Wisdom, royalty, confident and classy.

From your home, to your business, brand and shopping habits, colors play a key factor in all of these.

In the home

Painting our walls, adding colorful accent pieces can do wonders for your home and your every day mood. I have a Moroccan, modern theme, filled with neutral browns and beiges and golds and theni incorporate accent colors of turquoise, gemstone greens, bold crimson shades, canary yellows and lavenders. I have pillows and blankets that bring life to my rooms. Gold lamps and art add an uplifting and tranquil mood to my home. I use blues for peaceful spots in my room but reds and oranges to revive me and awaken my creativity for my workspace area of my room. Bed should be for sleep so I have a black and white bed spread with white and gold accents to bring purity, luxury, royalty and happiness to my sleep zone.

Your brand

The colors of your brand can evoke happiness, prestige, environment sustainability, energy, confidence, love, calmness and wealth. Think about what your brand represents, your mission and field then pick the colors that resonate with you the most, the ones that stimulate your mind and initial purpose of the brand.

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