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3 Ways to Overcome Suffering

Replace Bad Habits, or Start Good Ones, and Start Small

Buddha recommends replacing a bad habit with a good one. If you stop smoking cigarettes you could save time. Stop eating so much crap and eat healthier, reach your fitness goals. If you're dramatic about a goal, like quitting smoking cold turkey or dropping 30 pounds, you may be more likely to fail. Start with minimal goals; 1 cigarette a day, 2 pounds a week.

Avoid Unnecessary Conflict or People Who Create it

Your life is your responsibility and when certain things have a constant negative impact on you, you don't have to endure them. Make a decision. "Am I going to accept this in my life and be miserable about it or will I remove it and avoid it and live happier?" This won't always be easy in a relationship but the toxicity you allow will go on longer than the temporary pain of ending it. Choosing positivity and letting go of unnecessary shit will bring you closer to a happy life.


You can have what you want when you want. Not super realistic however, it is realistic to get what you want in time! This is not a bad thing though; just imagine everything you set out to do was completed right away. Where's the journey? The lesson learned? You would have nothing to aim for, no goals. Patience brings strength, if you have something big that you want in your life you will have to be patient and you will also need to be persistent. Successful people and genuinely happier ones have patience. Be patient, things will come. This isn't to say don't work for it but don't expect it to come tomorrow. Work hard, grind and trust in yourself that you can have what you want but it may take a bit longer.

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