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3 Foods That are the Worst for Your Metabolism and How to Help it

The two things that affect your metabolism are your endocrine system and your hormonal balance. Anything that throws these two factors into whack will have an impact on your metabolism. There is no surprise when I say, sugar is the number one culprit to messing up your metabolism.

1. Sugar

The root of all evil, not money, sugar. This can and will slow down your metabolism. Once consumed, your blood sugar will spike, causing your cortisol, (a hormone), and your insulin hormone levels to increase. Insulin will try to just level things out however, it will have the counter effect. Our bodies will attempt to promote glucose burning for energy. Too much sugar will increase your blood sugar levels leading to high glucose levels which can be stored as excess fat because of the inability of our bodies to metabolize this large intake.

2.Processed grains

Refined grains like white rice, highly processed breads and white pasta are the worst for you. These have a similar affect on your body as sugar, breaking down quickly and causing insulin to skyrocket. When consumed in excess, refined grains could administer you with high levels of certain compounds that may hurt your metabolism. "Many packaged grain products also contain lots of added sugar, salt, synthetic preservatives, and are ‘fortified’ with synthetic vitamins and minerals that can be hard to metabolize properly", according to Dr. Axe. Moral of the story: Stick with whole, unprocessed grains when you get a carb craving. There are a variety of replacement grains such as black bean spaghetti, spinach wraps, and Ezikial bread, which is one of my favorites. There are gluten free grains available in most stores. As technology advances, the food that is healthier is replacing the enriched foods and making them taste just as good, if not better. So if it's a taste thing for you, step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

3. Processed Soy

Soy has become a food trend that has taken us by surprise. It's viewed as a healthier replacement to meat or milk. Soy milk, soy chicken nuggets may seem healthier than processed meats however, there is a sufficient amount versus an overwhelming amount. Our country has evolved soy into making whole products and those levels of soy are harmful to our thyroids which regulate our metabolic operations. On top of that, health experts say the only time you should do soy is if it's organic and fermented. Most soy is conventionally treated with pesticides, which are also linked to thyroid issues.

How to improve your metabolism:

  • Eat plenty of healthy fats. ...

  • Go for color. ...

  • Avoid sugar and flour. ...

  • Stop obsessing over numbers. ...

  • Move more and faster. ...

  • Take energy-boosting nutrients. ...

  • Get great sleep...

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