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5 Holiday Gifts For Anyone

What’s more personal than a meaningful but useful gift around the stressful holidays. Gift cards are always safe but super impersonal. It shows lack of thought or consideration or even time devoted to searching for the right gift. With all the happenings regarding mental health, self care and wellness, why not give a gift that will only improve your recipient. Here is a list of 2018’s best self care items that can help essentially anyone.

Essential oils

Combine this with a diffuser, now you’ve turned their home into homage. This can invigorate a home in minutes with a sense of peace and calmness. You can put these on your skin directly, into a diffuser and even mix it with your lotions and beauty products to add a sense of relief. Oils have been found to improve digestive problems, localized pain such as arthritis, enhance sleep quality, focus, relax muscles and help with headaches or infections.

A Fitness class pass or gym membership

Anyone can benefit from this. It’s something that is forever giving back. I know not everyone is into fitness or heading to a spin class but a one time pass for maybe yoga, spin, bootcamp or a month at the gym can seriously improve your friend or family member. Cautiously go about this because it shouldn’t be meant offensively. “Here I got you this class pass because your lazy”.” Give it to them with their health in mind, “here’s a way for you to receive stress.”

Bathtub salts

Or shower sprays, which do exist! EuroSpa is a great one to try. Who doesn't love a good "me time" evening in the tub? This is a great gift especially because anyone and everyone can benefit from it. Pair this with some natural artisanal soaps and you have a great de-stress promoting gift for a loved one.

A Gift card to a salon, for men or women

This is the one gift card that will be use literally on them. Men need beauty and skin care too so don't assign this to one gender. Whether it be a relaxing massage, hair cut, beard trim, manicure, pedicure. Any one will appreciate a massage first of all and secondly, nice hands don't just belong to women.

A journal

Yeah, corny but worth so much more. This is a way for anyone to release thoughts, emotions, inspire themselves or others. They can list their daily goals, what ever they desire but it's scientifically proven that writing aids in stimulating the brain and it's a proven therapeutic exercise. It strengthens your imagination and triggers inspiration.

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