Social Media Self Care and Why You're Sabotaging Your Self

If you're scrolling through your instagram feed, you see so many half naked bodies, maybe your ex's best friend, a negative quote by a family member, something will show up, eventually, at some point. Maybe you have felt victimized. I know I have, by the very people I love. It's kind of ironic how that works! Social media is great when it allows us to look up new recipes, see cute puppies, connect with folks we wouldn't otherwise be able to talk to. However, the downfall of social media has affected people's mental health, self image and has even caused suicide.

Maybe it's the the feeling you have all had after breaking up with a loved one or friend and then seeing how "happy" they are on their page, or the flawless fitness model who seems to have no cellulite, not a stray hair or hint of off white teeth. It doesn't make you bad if you are jealous, insecure or upset, it makes you human. It may not mean that you wish them harm but it hurts to see someone doing well when maybe they did you wrong. (I speak on my behalf because I know some people do want revenge however it's achieved.) Regardless of the scenario, it's okay to feel how you feel however, bad emotions such as depression or anger, will manifest in your mind and body so be careful. The best way to avoid these effects are to not see what bothers you. Stop looking at your ex's last post or your brother's happy life that you might not have, or the flawless model. Images can create severe anxiety and sabotage your mental health. Quick solution:

Block. Unfollow...block and did you know on your homepage of Instagram, you can opt to see less posts of what you're seeing. Make your facebook pictures, profile, etc private. It's your choice to continue to feel the toxicity you do. Whatever is making you feel negative emotions, anything less than you should be feeling is actually in your power to control. Self care is taking care of your mind. If you are partaking in the opposite, this is a form of self abuse. Stop feeling like shit. Avoid looking at this stuff and listening to it. Suppressing or turning off anything that brings you down is an act of self care.

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