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Why You Should Stop Eating Fast Food

You know the obvious, it's bad for you. I have friends that continuously eat it and disregard that. So I wrote this for them because I care about them. =) Fast food is full of fillers, sodium, saturated fat, (to an exorbitant amount), trans fats, cholesterol. Essentially it's slowly killing you. People who eat fast food more often than not tend to have an, "we're all gonna die eventually," attitude. However, do you really want to speed up that process?

>>>>5 in 10 Americans eat fast food weekly. The crap in fast food outweighs the food. Burgers actually contain about 50% of water and actual meat while the other half is chemical fillers and preservatives. Chicken nuggets actually might be worse, containing dimethylpolysiloxane, (the stuff in Silly Putty). The leftover carcass of the chicken including bones is actually what creates the meat foundation. Even when you think you're eating healthy, if you pick up a salad dressing for that small salad, a single dressing has enough calories for a whole meal and nearly 30 grams of fat, which is about double a normal serving of fat you should have at a sitting. You need a drink, try that sugar loaded soda.

>>>>Consequently, eating fast food doesn't fill you up. Food fills you up. You will experience a temporary satiety and want more food sooner than you would eating a real meal. There's a chemical called PhlP, (2-Amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo(4,5-b)pyridine), which is associated with several types of cancer including breast and prostate. This PhlP is also found in cooked meat at major fast food chains.

>>>>With all the fillers in fast food, there comes lack of fiber. Dietary fiber is the stuff that controls your digestive and bowel movements. What I'm saying is you will be constipated.

>>>>Your cholesterol will go up, your blood sugar will spike and you will bloat. You might have a fast metabolism now but go ahead and enjoy that because down the line your genetics will only do so much.

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