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Prepare for 2019: A Guide to Spiritual, Mental and Physical Growth

It’s nearing January and that means New Year’s Resolutions are approaching.

Will you stick with it? Will you last through February?

Fact: Most New Year Resolutions are health and fitness related. Whether it be to attain a physical goal or mental and spiritual, we are all trying to better ourselves. In this new wellness era comes a bunch of new and old practices. Some have been molded to fit the modern pace of our lifestyles and some have just been discovered and marketed for the masses. One method that touches on not only mental and spiritual growth but also physical, is meditation.

As defined in the dictionary, “Meditation is a practice where an individual operates or trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself.” However, the benefits of meditating our beyond mental. Several studies support the fact that a better state of mind can most definitely contribute to a better state of physicality.

I know personally, if my mind is stressed and chaotic, my body feels crappy, it holds on to fat because my stress hormone, cortisol, is increased. Also, meditation is shown to improve blood pressure through breathing techniques. Meditation has become extremely popular the within the past decade, with yoga being a common outlet and other “wellness” driven health methods such as new diets, fitness apps and tools. In this new year, I’m bringing you the latest trends that will bring your 2018 in the right way. That being said, here’s some amazing ways to get into meditation if you’ve never tried it.

How to meditate:

>Finding a cozy corner or place at home or even your favorite area to just get away, like a park or a cafe, yeah you can meditate in public. I think the perception of meditation has been perceived to be somewhat of a glorified monk, but anyone can meditate, anywhere, although it’s best in a retreat type of habitat without disturbances.. Find a location that doesn’t bring you stress or any negative feelings. Some people prefer to leave their eyes open, but to truly visualize and reach a deeper subconscious level, I suggest closing your eyes.

>Visualizing is a major part of this. Mediation can be done for all types of reasons; to attract success, love or happiness or to get away from stress and toxic energy. You choose your reason. I like to picture what I desire, what I’m working towards and, with extreme detail as that is better than a vague image, where I see myself, with who, where and how. Goals and dreams are better with vision. Visualization is underestimated when it comes to achieving most anything.

>Opt to use healing crystals. Ever since I incorporated these into my life, I feel a totally different energy. In this world of skeptics, it’s understandable to think that something as basic as a crystal can do anything but dive deeper and look at the origin of these sources of energy. The earth is made of rock, rocks are the origin of crystals. The earth is energy. The core, the layers, the magnetic pulls and forces of this earth are all energy. Crystals hold a serious energy, as they are formed from magmatic and metamorphic processes and to utilize them whether for anxiety, stress or day to day living.

Now that you have a bit more substance on how to improve your mind and spirit, your physical being can always be improved. On the fitness tip, dieting is especially popular in the United States because of all our processed food. As a personal trainer of 6 plus years, bodybuilding competitor and fitness author, my best advice to you is do not go on a diet, rather change your lifestyle for the good as a permanent change. A diet refers to a fad, something temporary. A lifestyle is maintained, food is used as fuel and nourishment, not a temporary replacement. Eat natural foods and include a variety of colors. Do not eliminate carbohydrates. All too often is this a misleading nutritional tip. “Avoiding carbs will make you skinny.” Firstly, your body needs carbs to function, your brain uses them and your body converts them for energy. Also, strong is the new skinny. Start treating your body like the temple it is. Don’t aim for aesthetics, rather aim for health and functionality. In my diet, I have incorporated consuming collagen and healthy fats that promote the popular Ketogenic diet. For clarification, Keto is a lifestyle not a fad, that promotes higher fats in the daily diet. The body requires fats, carbohydrates and protein; Keto just emphasizes a higher fat intake such as natural oils, nuts, avocados and less of natural carbs. I use a very trust worthy and popular brand of collagen for my daily intake, whether pill form or powder, NeoCell is America’s #1 Collagen supplement line and available all over. I make some recipes with scoop of Collagen powder or take a booster each morning.

For those of you who maybe completely overwhelmed with work, family and other time consuming life normalities, the technology we have now, makes having excuses pretty difficult. From step counters, to sweat session workouts, to meditation, fitness applications are everywhere and quite accessible.

My top 3 favorite fitness apps:

Sworkit-iPhone/Android free

This app rocks because of the visual library it has a ton of workouts of different types of training. From yoga, to cardio, to strength training, this app also links to other ones you may have such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

JEFIT-iPhone/Android free

Focuses on exercises especially for bodybuilding, with a vast 1,300 moves listed, allows you to input your own personal data and create a plan.

Calm-De-stress- iPhone/Android free

This app can tie you back into meditation, being the No. 1 mindfulness app on iTunes of 2017, there are over 20 mediation guided exercises with a variety of specific needs. There are customized anxiety, deep concentration or in the present programs. It doesn’t matter what your meditating for, this app has your focal point.

For other inspiring ways to improve your mind, body and soul, check out “13 Ways to Evolve as a Human”, a short ebook on Amazon Kindle, written by the author, Christina Ledo.

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